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I've been EXACTLY where you are.

I've struggled with hating my body so much that losing weight was my focus for a span of time. 

Change and getting healthy felt soooo hard.

Feeling trapped by doing all the "right things", but they didn't feel right for me.

I felt guilty when I wasn't consistent.

I believed that I needed lose the weight so that I could take my life to the next level.

I didn't think I could ever move forward until I was more confident and wasn't ashamed about what my body was doing.

I was feeling small, insignificant and totally unimportant.

Disconnected from my body.
Hating myself ( in my entirety ) when I looked in the mirror.
Binge eating + calorie counting to the extreme were my norm.

It all needed to change. 

You are meant for something bigger than shrinking your waist.

What do you really want to do with this life ?

Current Projects

Private & Customized Coaching

Looking to lose the weight and move forward on those giant dreams of yours ?

In this program, YOU ARE THE PROGRAM. We will cover the topics of healthy eating, working out, changing your mindset and making health happen.


Workshops & Events

Want to work with in person ? 

I love running half day workshops and guest speaking.

Starting where you are at.

Are you sick of feeling trapped by stuck-ness ? Annoyed with your weight loss lack of progress ?

This is my favorite way to really connect with you. We'll dig into what's keeping you where you are at and start the transformation today ! 

Guess what ! It's complimentary and I will not be selling you anything at all ! 


I will be charging $197 CAD for this session as of October 1st but I will be offering a discount code to list members only. And if we decide that working together is a good fit, the cost will be applied towards the investment.

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