Photo credit Logee Photography.

Photo credit Logee Photography.

Hey I'm Amanda .

I'm a wellness game changer who helps super smart women move out of the weight loss obsession, get healthy for real and live a life full of adventure.

The change ::

One day, I realized that I was so sick of always trying to get healthy ( aka. lose the muffin top, batwings and saddlebags ) and "falling off the wagon" .

I wasted way too much energy on feeling guilty about what I wasn't doing.

It was holding me back in other areas of my life like my relationships, my job and my mental health was hitting an all time low.

I was totally sleep deprived, anxious,  living the vie da coffee and feeling well .... pretty forgotten about

Life was moving way too fast and my body definitely didn't feel like my own anymore.

I would always compare myself to the celebrities or women around me and feel sad that I didn't look like them.

I used to avoid mirrors because I hated what I saw.

I've dieted.  ... And failed.

I've tried to be "more consistent". ... And failed.

I've tried to follow detoxes, cleanses, you name it and failed.

I lost the weight then put it back on then lost it ...

And then I thought there has gotta be more to life than always trying to lose weight !?!

(You really aren't meant to have a meltdown when your muffin top sticks out over your jeans.)


What was possible for me if I stopped depriving / torturing / hating / trying to shrink myself for the sake of losing the weight ?

What if I could approach my wellness as showing myself massive love ?

Honestly, at that point, I needed love because I was feeling pretty beaten and broken. I needed to make changes in a way that felt right for me ( not what everyone else was doing ). Small, simple shifts. Adding in nourishment instead of cutting everything out. Listening to my cravings and trusting them. Doing less to get more results. Showing up for myself. Living more. More fun. More connection with friends. Doing what felt right.

Sound familiar ?

I'm here to help you get free from :

  • the weight loss struggle and not having a plan or goals other "just losing the weight".

  • perfectionism (otherwise known as your lack of "consistency". )

  • the excess weight that makes you hide under layers of clothing and from all the amazing opportunities in your life.

  • lack of confidence from feeling small and insignificant.

  • your not so "clean" turned emotional eating.

  • having no idea what to eat so you just eat it all or nothing.

  • being busy all the damn time.

  • feeling stressed or anxious.

  • the yoga class / gym membership you signed up for, went once and now get anxiety every damn time you drive by. 

  • being the last on your list ( because you are shooting straight to #1)

  • not showing yourself some serious love in the forms of movement, quality relationships and working through your emotional blocks so that you can FEEL whole & grounded.


This adventure doesn't look the same for every woman. And that's awesome!

We may all be the same species but our cells are unique and need different things from us. (#sciencegeek). And when we ignore the emergency alerts that our bodies are sending us something really shitty happens. We hide and stop living our lives. We stay stuck in old and comfortable bad habits. We gain weight only to fall back into another diet trap. Resulting in a vicious cycle of burnout and trying to recover. Stressed out. And starving.

Sounds like torture, right ?

I've got the life experience + education to show you how to finally start living a life full of nourishment, health and rebellious fun.

I've been ... bullied, beat up, my weight has been up and down, severely depressed, medicated, had an extremely unhealthy relationships with food, exercise and men .  I’ve seen some shit. 

Looking back on my challenges, I wouldn't change a damn thing. I know that sounds crazy but I believe every obstacle can be a great lesson.


You'll love working with me because ...

together we will start right where you are at right now.

There won't be any full eating overhauls because that is torture. We will work together to find shifts that work best for your unique body and lifestyle. I will be your guide on the adventure of reclaiming your body, mind and backbone. Finding movement that lights you up. Creating self care rituals to keep you feeling grounded and whole in this big crazy world. Taking a whole life approach to create a healthy lifestyle full of fun and experimentation so that you can have way more energy to do the things you love with those you love. 

I have a HUGE heart and love helping you see how amazing you are, already, right now. 

You are meant for so much more than the struggle with your body.