My 5 best tips to clean up your eating & see real results

I have tried every. single. freaking. diet in the book. I've gone gluten free, carb free, low carb, low fat and whatever else kind of restriction you could put around food.  All food was seen as "good" and "bad".

It was too much ( or too little), too fast. It wasn't sustainable. And it all felt like, well, too much effort. 

(VIDEO) Resolution Reboot with Brittany Lynn Kriger of The Soul Food Project

I had the joy of joining my good friend, Brittany Lynn Kriger of The Soul Food Project for a video call where we talked about why we are both #anti-resolution and what we do instead. She is my accountability partner and a fellow grad of Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

I lost all the weight and was still miserable. Here's how I learned to love my body.

This is my story of how I stopped obsessing over the number on the scale and started living and loving my body.  At the end of the day, the excess weight is a symptom of how you really treat yourself. It's not about being perfect in your eating, it's about showing up for yourself and starting with love. 

3 simple selfcare tricks to stop stress in it's tracks

Self care. The buzz word of the past few years. It's more than bubble baths and pedicures. More than facials.  Incase you forgot, women make the world go round.

For me its a total non-negotiable. I learned this quickly with my post concussion syndrome and my miscarriage. My part time job, massage therapy, is extremely physical and it makes me aware