With social media, email marketing, SEO, growing your following and the one million other things that you “need” to be doing to grow your business, you are feeling hella overwhelmed.

You’ve got a limited amount of time to commit to your side hustle and big dreams for your business.

You are totally ready to take your business to the next level; however …

You have no clue where to begin.

You’ve googled and pinned to your heart’s content. Downloaded all the pdf’s (which seem to be resting peacefully in your documents folder) and you can’t seem to apply it to your business.

All that info is great but if you can’t put it to use then why bother with it ?

I know exactly what your next steps are.

They were mine too.

meet amanda1.png

Hey lovely lady boss !

My name is Amanda Sewell.

I’m a coffee + dog loving mama/ wife who may have a slight addiction to Spotify. I started off in wellness and saw how many of my business buddies where losing their shit trying to make their website work. Overwhelmed by the tech and trying to diy their design left them feeling uninspired.

I love to create and teach women solopreneurs how to get a handle on all things design in the beginning of their business. I help get you started with my Mini Brand Services and Launch + Grow Squarespace websites.

I know that in this stage of your business, it’s foundational. Your budget is smaller than you’d like. You are fine tuning your offerings and identity. Nothing is “set in stone”. Change and adapt.

That’s why I partner with you to create a great first impression and show you how to make changes when it’s time to level up.

I was once a new business owner ( uh, maybe a few times) and I spent way too much time doing it myself. So much so, it got in the way of my ability to take on clients.

Once I simplified my business, got my site up and stuck to my plan, it became effortless.

I would love to connect over Zoom for a FREE CONSULTATION and learn more about your struggles.