My 5 best tips to clean up your eating & see real results

I have tried every. single. freaking. diet in the book. I've gone gluten free, carb free, low carb, low fat and whatever else kind of restriction you could put around food.  All food was seen as "good" and "bad".

It was too much ( or too little), too fast. It wasn't sustainable. And it all felt like, well, too much effort. 

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(VIDEO) Resolution Reboot with Brittany Lynn Kriger of The Soul Food Project

I had the joy of joining my good friend, Brittany Lynn Kriger of The Soul Food Project for a video call where we talked about why we are both #anti-resolution and what we do instead. She is my accountability partner and a fellow grad of Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

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I lost all the weight and was still miserable. Here's how I learned to love my body.

This is my story of how I stopped obsessing over the number on the scale and started living and loving my body.  At the end of the day, the excess weight is a symptom of how you really treat yourself. It's not about being perfect in your eating, it's about showing up for yourself and starting with love. 

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3 simple selfcare tricks to stop stress in it's tracks

Self care. The buzz word of the past few years. It's more than bubble baths and pedicures. More than facials.  Incase you forgot, women make the world go round.

For me its a total non-negotiable. I learned this quickly with my post concussion syndrome and my miscarriage. My part time job, massage therapy, is extremely physical and it makes me aware 

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Green Goodness Smoothie

I have been on a kick over here learning more about recipes and healthy eating. I keep forgetting to share my favorite smoothies over here on my blog.

When it comes to healthy eating, smoothies are my favorite way to hack my time. Not a day goes by that doesn't include one. I almost lost my mind last month when our blender broke. 

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#IRL - In real life, this week

This week has been for ... reassessing my business and what problem I help you solve, puppy cuddles on the floor with Rocko + Giggsy, trying to get Keith to the airport while several of south Calgary streets are partially flooded, getting soaked up to my ankles while a part of our basement flooded due to heavy rainfall the next day, enjoying my massage clients at my part time job and slowing down.

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Are you half-assing your health ? 8 steps to boost your progress.

I'm writing this post from a place of love and support knowing that you have ended up here out of frustration and hope. 

I have seen it many times over. You have a huge heart and love being helpful. You make sure all the things get done. You are stressed out and feel a cloud of anxiety when it comes to taking back your health.

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You don't need another diet, you need to change your habits.

With media and celebrities making weight loss look easy, how can we feel like anything but a failure. They show before and after pictures without any of the dirty, grimy and gross pictures of them on the treadmill for 4 hours a day. Food that is prepared for them because they are so busy. The team of 10 people that helped them get their post baby body back

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How poor sleep can sabotage your health ( & how to fix it )

Have you ever wondered why you are stuck in your weight loss efforts, have zero concentration, cravings that are out of control and you take forever to heal from injuries?

Would you love to wake up feeling rested and ready for your day instead of hitting snooze six times only to rush out the door? Or still have energy at the end of the day to exercise?

I want to ask you now… how have you been sleeping?

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Thriving The Holidays Series : Easy Pesto Zoodles & Red Pepper Recipe To Help You Balance Your Eating

Over the holidays, there are so many delicious and incredibly unhealthy foods avaliable to us.

Sugar cookies, marshmallow rolls, candy canes, hot chocolate, egg nog lattes, stuffing, chocolates from our calendars. Then add in the treats at the office.

Oh man. It gets out of control !

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