3 simple selfcare tricks to stop stress in it's tracks

 Photo credit: Unsplash  Cheryl Winn-Boujnida

Self care. The buzz word of the past few years. It's more than bubble baths and pedicures. More than facials. 

Incase you forgot, women make the world go round.

For me its a total non-negotiable. I learned this quickly with my post concussion syndrome and my miscarriage. My part time job, massage therapy, is extremely physical and it makes me aware so much sooner when I'm not acting in my own best interest. For me, it's essential to my happiness and health. If I'm not happy, no one around me will be. 

At what point in our lives is it okay to put our own needs on the back burner ?

And if you are feeling especially like beyond burnt out then try to implement one of these tricks over the next week.

3 Simple self care care tricks to stop stress in it's tracks.


1. Make sleep priority #1.

Make your bedroom a sleep haven. A calm and quiet place you can retreat to at the end of the day. 

Before I made this change, I'd wake up 3 -4 times per night and feel terrible in the morning. 

I got black out curtains, a black out sleep mask. I turn my phone on do not disturb and plug it in on the opposite side of the room. I do still have a tv in my room but I set the sleep timer for 30 minutes. 


2. Stop hitting snooze.

I used to be the QUEEN of snooze until I met with my coach and she shared that it was an integrity issue. By hitting snooze, I was not sticking to my word of getting up early enough to properly get into my day.  

I would get out of bed feeling ill and groggy. The body is not meant to wake and sleep that way.

Since I've stopped snoozing, I've noticed that my energy levels are higher in the am and that by 2pm, I'm not needing a nap.


3. One day / afternoon just for you.

This was a big and hard change for me to make initially. I was worried about disappointing people by not spending my spare time with them. When I would look at my weeks, they would be so full it's a wonder I wasn't able to make it to the gym or eat healthfully. I was stressed out from running to each appointment / function. It was too much.

Once I started making self care dates with myself on Sunday mornings to early afternoons, I noticed that life felt much less hectic. During this time, I usually read, plan my week out in my day planner. I'll go for walk in the park with my dogs. Anything that I'm craving during the week goes in this spot. 

Slowing down is the new black. 

When we rush we stress.

When we stress we get stuck in the cortisol loop. That leads to extra fat on the body. 

Sound familiar ?

Which one will you start with ? Share in the comments below.