How to clean your produce with apple cider vinegar

Eating more fruit and veggies is great for your digestive system. It adds healthy fiber and healthy bacteria. However, most produce at some point comes into contact with pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals and someone's dirty hands.

Who wants to eat that ? EWWW.

Not me.

Also, buying everything organic can break the bank and drive you crazy !

So instead of paying $14 for a bottle of produce cleaner at your local natural foods store, I'm sharing my version of a do it yourself all natural produce wash made with stuff already in my kitchen. 

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HINT: If you aren't going to eat the peel, don't worry about washing the produce this thoroughly.


How to clean your produce with apple cider vinegar:

Step #1 : Take 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and add it to a big bowl of warm water containing the produce of choice.



Step #2: Let them soak for 10 mins. I usually walk away and it ends up being closer to 15-20 mins. 


Step #3: Follow up with a quick scrub using a veggie scrubber ( used only for this purpose ).

Step #4: Rinse the veggies / fruit off with clean water.

Step #5: Place them on a towel to air dry.

By properly washing your produce, you can help it last longer and taste better. This will save you money and time and really who wouldn't want more of that ?

Take the money you saved on buying a bottle of cleaner and treat yo' self. 

Want to seriously transform your whole life for epic health and more adventure ? 

Got any other tricks around cleaning your healthy food ? Share below in the comments. I'd love to hear.