5 Ways To Get Started Creating Your Kick-Ass Squarespace Website

how to build squarespace website

I love lists and keeping everything I do simple. Building a website on Squarespace isn’t rocket science. I know it can seem complicated and overwhelm but I’m here to share 5 super simple ways to get started creating your own kick-ass Squarespace Website.

1.Sign up for your FREE Trial.

You don’t even have to use a credit card to get the trial (like some other platforms). They give you 14 days to explore and make sure it’s a good fit.

TIP - Download my Services & Pricing Guide to book a Discovery Call with me and let me set up your trial. Since I’m a Squarespace Circle member, I can get you a FREE 6 month trial. AND 20% off of your first payment of your subscription.

2. Pick an awesome template.

I’m a big fan of any template in the Brine Family. It’s got the most functionality and 40 different options to choose from. Pick the one that looks the most like how you envision your site and start there. You can change at any time.

Squarespace has a great article on selecting templates here.

3. Round up images that represent your brand look & feel.

Squarespace is a very visual platform so having high quality pictures (not the blurry selfie from your phone) is super important to your site not looking DIY’d. Lucky for you, if you are sans headshot/brand photos, Unsplash is now integrated with Squarespace. I’ve shared my favorite places to get free stock photos over here.

4. Whip up some brilliant, connecting and conversational copy

First, what in the sweet hell is “copy” ?

Copy or copywriting are the words on your site meant to connect with your ideal clients.

It is probably the biggest part of having an awesome website that converts your clients. It’s the words on your homepage welcoming visitors. It is the text on your about page sharing with your ideal clients how you know exactly what they are going through and how you can help. It is the description of your services and why they are so needed. It’s the … do I need to go on? I think you get it.

Ahem, this is a big chunk of the work I do with my Web Design clients. ❤︎

5. Launch that baby

What good is a kick-ass website if nobody will ever see it? Once you’ve ticked the above items off of your list, it is time to sign up for your Squarespace plan. You can learn more about their pricing here. They have monthly payment options or annual. I love a good deal so I typically recommend the annual payment because of the huge discount.

If at any point in this process you feel stuck or would love someone to look over your work, make sure you book a Discovery Call and I’d be happy to hook you up.


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