My 5 best tips to clean up your eating & see real results


First of all, let me share something with you.

I have tried every. single. freaking. diet in the book. I've gone gluten free, carb free, low carb, low fat and whatever else kind of restriction you could put around food.  All food was seen as "good" and "bad".

It was too much ( or too little), too fast. It wasn't sustainable. And it all felt like, well, too much effort. 

I did see the number on the scale drastically decrease when I did stick with it BUT it left me malnourished and starving.

The weight came back and I felt hopeless. 


What actually worked ...

I absolutely had to start listening to my body. Getting curious and finding what worked for my unique body. It was more than just the food (but the food was a big part). I looked at all areas of my life and how happy I was in each. 

I believe that the way we are in one area of our life is how we are in every area.


Nowadays, I feel like I've got a pretty good grip on what works for my unique body / personality and I love helping other women do the same.  

I've lost the excess weight and learned to love myself for who I am. I know how to take amazing care of myself so that I can live a life full of fulfillment.



Below I'm sharing with you my 5 best tips to clean up your eating & see real results that last. 


 Photo from UNSPLASH

Photo from UNSPLASH

1. Cut the crap.

I have a theory that when we consistent burden our bodies with food that is high sugar or full of trans fat that it responds by creating body fat as a way to store the toxins. Our bodies have a detox system ( hello liver, kidneys) and when it gets totally overloaded and can't pump all the junk out, it will find a way to store it. 

So start today by cutting back on those instant pleasure foods ( ie. chips, pizza, alcohol, chocolate bars).


2. Stock your home full of whole foods.

Remember that night last week when you got home late from work and forgot to thaw the meat for dinner so you ended up on the couch eating Doritos watching Netflix. It totally happens, but here's what to do for next time.

On your next trip to the grocery store, stock up on whole foods and healthy snacks. By preparing ahead of time, you can make sure that if you happen to slip up that you at least have more nourishing, nutrient dense options to binge on.


3. Keep it simple ( No seriously. SIMPLE)

Start by doing the most basic habits well. No need to jump on a diet and get all restrictive on me. Start by adding in an extra serving of vegetables each day. Then maybe try drinking an extra glass of water.

Even start with a daily smoothie.


4. Portion control

Oh man, I used to fail epically in this section. 

When we eat too much of anything our digestive system is challenged in breaking it down to be turned into nutrients. 

Take a look at the serving size of the foods you eat the most. You will be shocked when you realize that you may be eating for two.

Start with this formula for balancing your meals. Tweak it as it suits.

PROTEIN :: size of your palm ( 20g to 30g)
CARBS (fruits, grains, starches, beans) :: one cupped hand size ( 20g to 30g)
VEG (salad, spinach, carrots, etc) :: one fist size ( 20g to 30g)
FATS (oils, seeds, nut butters, avocado) :: one thumb sized serving ( 7g to 12g)

There is no set formula. There are tons of guidelines out there but to create balanced eating habits start by having a portion of each during breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

For snacking, try balancing any combination of protein + carbs.


5. Plan your meals around your week.

What nights of the week do you tend to "fall off the wagon" ? Start by prepping your food ahead of time for that day.

Do your weekly shop on a day when you have an hour or two to wash and pre-cut your veggies, batch cook at least one meal that you can freeze or eat multiple times ( I do this with breakfast ).

Here's a pro tip, find 3 healthy recipes that you know you nail every time, plan those into your week. This way you don't have to try something new during a busy week.