Do you need to " do it all " ?

From time to time we all get caught up, burnt out and ready to walk away from it all. I remember ( and still have ) days when I had a giant to do list. Upon further inspection, I would notice that only 1 of the ten tasks are actually for me .

I know you can relate with this. 

I would listen to my friends complain about this often. Our to do lists would end up as a dumping ground for the shit that no one else is going to do.

What the hell ? 

How is that fair ?

It's not. 

The sad and truth of it all is ... 

it's up to you to choose what you do and don't do.


It's your choice. 

If you take on more and get overwhelmed, it's because of your choice. 

If you stay stuck in busyness, it's because you choose it.

If you are looking for more time to take care of you, all you have to do is choose you.

So today I'm asking you, do you need to " do it all "?

Let's dig in and figure it out.

1. Look at your list.

It can be a mental list, in an app on your phone or a old school written on paper list ( my favorite ).

What is on this list ? How many of these items make you think " why the hell do I have to do that ?" or drain your energy.

Cross off or delete anything that:
a) turns you into a bitchy mess or
b) is for another adult and not your responsibility.  ( kid stuff is different ) 

2. What is important / urgent ?

Next, I want you to look at what is urgent and important. I'm talking about bills that need to paying or appointments that need to scheduling. Focus on the items with a timeline attached.

Prioritize your list in order of urgency and importance.

3. What is not important and could go on your stop doing list ?

We all have our versions of time wasters or activities that we do that aren't productive.

Add these to your stop doing list to free up more time. 

Reflect on what it would feel like if you were doing what is best for you instead of rushing around. 

4. What has been taking a "back seat" to your to-do list ?

Yoga or your fitness ? Getting enough sleep ? Your eating habits ? Down time and stress relief ? Your marriage ? Your happiness ?

Not sure where to start ?

Think about what you have been saying over and over again that you'd love to do ?

Do that. 

Start small.

Do you feel like your life has gotten out of control and your time isn't your own ? I would love to help you turn it all around. Check out my 1 month coaching blast - Get Your Shit Together.