I'm not going to pretend that being a coach and solopreneur (all by myself) is all sunshine and rainbows mixed with puppy whiskers. There are days that I want to quit and get a "real" job. That would be easier, right ? But working in a structured, stick up the butt, professional environment and I don't really go together.

This is the hardest thing I've ever done. Hands down. Even on top of playing full 90 minute soccer games without a sub in 35 degree celcius weather on turf (it's like playing on the face of the sun ).

Every day, I put myself out there.  


There are days when I want to quit.

The days when I haven't run a program in awhile and money is tight (we all have that as entrepreneurs) .

Days when I remember that being a solopreneur means doing everything on my own. 

Days when my mindset shit creeps in. Thoughts that I'm not a great coach because I am doing it differently. Getting self conscious because of my swearing in my posts. I only work with 5 x 1-on-1 clients at a time, so I technically don't have a "full time practice". Ironically, this is what I think makes me a great coach (shut up voices in my head).

Days when I feel like crap and I still choose to show up because I said I would. I made an appointment. A promise. And the women joining me could really use this session today.

Walking my talk when I just want to sit on my couch and eat pizza. Emotional eating at it's finest. I still have those days occasionally. You know that being consistent with exercise and eating healthier options is such a challenge on bad days.

I am not perfect. I don't try to be. And I don't want to be. (You can see it on Instagram )

Writing blog posts when I know my writing skills might not be phd. worthy. ( It's hard for me to do what I know I'm not that great at. *Shakes tiny fist* at grammar )

The times my phone rings off the hook, all damn day. (Telemarketers)

Logo design. Business name. All the admin stuff. TAXES. Mileage tracking. 


But then there are the great days.

Mondays, waking up when I feel like it.

Walking in the park with my husband and our boys during the day. (Suck on that day job) Being able to make every single soccer game. Going to the gym because it's "work" and good for business.

Being able to travel and still work as long as their is wifi. (Hello Bora Bora )

"Meeting" my rebel women via Skype, digging into what has been keeping them stuck. Facilitating their change from feeling like shit to knowing that they are enough. They start saying no to all the bull shit and get moving because it makes them feel great. They use their emotional eating as a tool to figure out what is really going on with them inside. They get so fucking clear on what it is that they really want and need. Then growing a backbone and stand up to make it happen.

Hell yes!

I get to create programs to get them through their adventure in a timely fashion. Create fun images to make my digital products pretty. 

The days I say fuck you to my fears and keep going anyway leading to an amazing conversation with strangers at the Farmer's market. And learn something new about myself.

The days when I get unsolicited thank you emails from my clients saying that they no longer give a shit what the number on the scale said. They are stronger and more in touch with giving themselves what they need. They don't have to be tough as nails anymore. They just have to be gentle with themselves.

I studied to be a health coach initially for my own need. I was stuck and feeling terrible who I thought I was every day. Depressed and medicated. Then after I graduated it became about helping women eat clean and get healthy. 

Over the last two years, I've discovered, it's not the food that is the issue, it's how shitty we feel about ourselves. All the feelings and emotions that we've choked deep down inside keeping the weight on. You already know how to be "healthy", they just need someone to have their back. To give a shit if you do this. And to care when you get in their own way. Coaching you back on track asap.

For the days I want to quit and get a "real" job, I remember why I am doing this. It is terrifying to put my own fate in my own hands. I'm really starting to see that I can totally do this ! I am amazing at this. 

What keeps you going on the days you want to quit ? Share in the comments below, I would love to hear about it.