You know that not taking care of yourself is keeping you on the way to burn out, weight gain and so much anxiety that your head wants to explode, right ?

You feel like you are constantly spinning in circles over knowing exactly what to eat?

You can't seem to get your shit together enough to exercise on a regular basis ? In fact, the last time you actually worked out was almost 3 weeks ago and as each day passes the guilt of what you "should be doing" is overwhelming.

You are starting to feel like you can't be both "successful" (whatever that means to you) and "healthy" ?

And you feel selfish as hell when you even think about making yourself a priority ?

Making changes are hard as hell but so is waking up everyday with regret.
— me

You spend a ton of time working in your business and you love it. It's challenging and addictive.

You want to make a difference and help others but you feel like a fraud because if they only knew.

Here is my point of view ...

It's not selfish to take amazing care of yourself. 

It is selfish to not take care of yourself because you will:

  • get sick,
  • be burnt out and bitchy to people you love
  • struggle on focusing on your business
  • pack on extra lbs leaving you with a hate / hate relationship with your body
  • have zero to little energy to live life outside of your career

Start here to get unstuck in your health so you can kick ass :


  1. What is your why ? 


This is step #1 . Until you are super clear on why you are running your business and what is most important to you, you will keep falling off the wagon.

Use the "because why" method to nail it down.

For example :

You want to lose weight.

Because why ?

Because I want to fit into my clothes.

Because why ?

Because I feel disgusting about my body and not confident when I go out in public.

Because why ?

Because I want to be seen and heard because I've got shit to say that matters plus a ton of women that need to hear my message. I don't want to be invisible anymore.


2. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize


Start building your days based on what is most important to you relating to what your why is.

Look at where you are wasting time in your days (ahem, Facebook feed or doing stuff for others that you don't even want to do in the first place ).

If you don't love it or get fulfillment with it, then chances are you can delegate it or postpone it until you have tons of extra time.


3. Take action


It’s easier said than done.
— Unknown

I remember hearing that cliche growing up. And it used to be a sort of mantra of mine. However, now I believe that it's easier to just do it than waste your days wondering if you are doing it good enough.

Stop thinking that you don't know enough. You do.

Quit endlessly researching the best diet because if you aren't doing the basics of balanced meals, eating 5 or 6 meals a day, and variety, a diet is the last friggin' thing you need.

Enough with feeling bad about all the exercise you haven't been doing and get up from your computer or phone right now and go for a walk. 

Small steps equal more results than doing nothing.


If this all feels super overwhelming, learn more about being a rebel and working with me as your health coach.


What is your big why and what is one small action step you can take today to work towards making it happen ?