Exploring my higher purposef

I've been exploring the idea of having a "higher purpose". 

You know, the reason I do the things I do and why I do them, the way I do.

Initially, I was caught up and over complicating it. I was spinning in the belief that because I'm a certified health coach that I only have to focus on the food bit.

Yes, healthy eating is a part but I don't believe that the eating is the most important part.

I felt disconnected and frustrated.

What do I really stand for ? 

My answer ...

// feeling calm and peaceful in my body
// stop making excuses and hiding in fear because when I do that, I'm not happy and I won't ask for what I need.
// doing what works best for me instead of "living up" to someone else's expectations.
// going against the "grain"
// brutal honesty with what my heart wants.

All of which can be directly applied to my business.

I help women who feel trapped by their excuses, beliefs, fear and avoidance take real action to live a life they want to be conscious for. I teach them how to move forward so that they can lose weight, have more energy, experience more adventure and fun while living in integrity.


What the hell does that mean ?

I teach them how to:

>> intentionally chose nourishing food ( because when you eat it, you feel bright and enthusiastic)
use their emotional eating to understand their relationship with themselves
>> push past self doubt to try new activities / food / fitness / etc. 
>> acknowledge their fears around the "what ifs" and do it anyway.
>> allow themselves to find the greater lesson and growth in traumatic events in their life and use them to your advantage (in my case, it was processing being bullied as a little girl and how that kept me stuck in taking care of myself because I was struggling with feeling unworthy). 


I've learned that when we aren't in touch with our higher purpose ( why we do anything ) that we fade into the background.

We don't eat the right foods to have energy and good health.

We self sabotage by hiding in the closet and eating the whole bag of cookies.

We work late and work through lunch.

We bitch and complain that we don't have enough time to take care of ourselves.

We get angry and resentful when we are asked to do anything but the bare minimum.

We bury our feelings and stay stuck in old emotional traumas. Thinking that this is our identity and that it's all we will ever be.

We put ourselves last.


What is your higher purpose ? And what can you do right now to feel on track ?