How to clean up and restock your kitchen ( for better health )

There are certain times of year where you feel a need to lose weight and restart your healthy efforts. Detox your eating and so on. 

You sound like a broken record, " I have to eat healthier" "I need to lose this weight I gained over the holidays" and "NOTHING fits".

I'm with you. I've been there too. It sucks.

You feel bloated, fatigued and frustrated as hell that you are back at the beginning of another weight loss journey. You fell off the wagon. 

TIP: Don't put yourself on a wagon or try to follow super strict rules because you'll fail every damn time.

Don't forget about New Year's Resolutions. Which I believe are a total waste of time since they become a reminder of all the shit you didn't accomplish over the past year due to being too tired, too busy and not consistent enough. 

I am writing this post to share with you my insight on the first thing I know you will try to change drastically, your eating.

I've created a free list of what to clean out and what to restock. These are items that I actually use myself. This list doesn't follow any kind of "diet", only simple and good nutritional principles. 


How to clean up and restock your kitchen for better health


1. Clean out your fridge and cupboards.

I know you can look in your pantry right now and find at least 4 items that you know are terrible for you. Donate anything that is full of preservatives, "diet" or low fat. 

Open your freezer or fridge and pull out anything that is a convenience meal or frozen dinner. Grab the granola bars and low sugar cookies. All of these items make you feel worse because they cause inflammation in your body. (Inflammation leads to decreased immunity and poor digestion. Yuck).

2. Stock back up with whole foods and healthier alternatives.

If you are really serious about reclaiming your body and mind, we need to repair and restore your digestive system so that you can lose the weight that hasn't realized it's been evicted.

By eating more whole foods full of the nutrients your body needs you can combat stress as well as decrease brain fog and fatigue. Pretty cool, right ?

Tips for restocking:

  • don't cut out full food groups (ie. carbs) . You aren't helping yourself or helping the weight come off faster just causing a depletion of nutrients.
  • aim for local and seasonal produce / meats if you can. You will save money and it will have less preservatives.
  • frozen fruit and veg are great because they are often picked when ripe then packaged. Try for organic versions if you can afford it.
  • clean your produce. Use my apple cider vinegar trick.
  • keep it simple. 
  • **Most importantly **focus on adding these new healthier options in and less on cutting out the bad. 


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