(VIDEO) Resolution Reboot with Brittany Lynn Kriger of The Soul Food Project

I had the joy of joining my good friend, Brittany Lynn Kriger of The Soul Food Project for a video call where we talked about why we are both #anti-resolution and what we do instead. She is my accountability partner and a fellow grad of Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 

From Brittany :

"I work with women who are ready to say goodbye to self sabotage, moving from merely surviving (STUCK in a body that feels like the enemy) to thriving.  

Fatigue.  Bloating.  Overwhelm.  Frustration.  Yo yo dieting.  Over exercising. The endless cycle of "why am I doing this? Why have I failed again? Why can't I stick to anything?!" These don't have to be the norm.  They can be distant memories of days gone by.

Brittany guides women to cut the crap and figure out why they are stuck in a place where they don't. feel. good. That's what Soul Food is all about. 

No dieting. No restriction.  Feed your body. Fuel your soul. "

As you can tell, we both have a tonne in common.

We covered all things goal setting, mentioned Desire Mapping ( Brit's a licensed facilitator - ie, she runs workshops on it), our old bad habits and how we are choosing to live differently now. 

You can connect more with her at her site The Soul Food Project and check out her new program The Soul Food RevolutionOr you can follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

You can watch the video below or download the audio right here


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