#IRL - In real life, this week

This week has been for ... reassessing my business and what problem I help you solve, puppy cuddles on the floor with Rocko + Giggsy, trying to get Keith to the airport while several of south Calgary streets are partially flooded, getting soaked up to my ankles while a part of our basement flooded due to heavy rainfall the next day, enjoying my massage clients at my part time job and slowing down.

The past few months have been hectic and exciting. 

The highs ...

We went to Barbados on our honeymoon in June. It was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for beautiful place with amazing local food.

I have recovered from my concussions and am happy to be back to soccer. I am feeling more like myself than I have in over 2 years. My energy levels are back up and I can finally concentrate. #postconcussionsyndrome .

We are working towards being debt free. I am a big fan of having my own money and not being good at borrowing money. I will share about lessons I've learned here on my site. I believe that taking control of your finances is a big part of being healthy and happy ( duh!).

The lows ...

Just after I started treatment for my concussions in January, I found out that I was pregnant. In April, at my very first doctor appointment at almost 13 weeks, we found out that the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks.

Both Keith and I were devastated, to say the least. I miscarried a week later.

It was one of the most heartbreaking experiences I've ever encountered. There was no reason or explanation of why it happened. It's incredibly common but no one talks about it.

The thoughts of shame and disappointment I experienced with my own body was unbelievable. 

Each day gets better and we are hoping to try again soon. We have to wait 8 weeks from the last day of possible exposure to the Zika virus in Barbados. Neither of us had symptoms but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
#ttc #fuckzika

These past few months have brought about a change in me. More courage and strength than I believed I was capable of. More love than I have ever known from those around me. 

And with it all, I have decided that I will be changing my business to Amanda Sewell Wellness ( aka ASWELL ) instead of using Rebel Health Coach.

My mission behind the change is to show up as more of myself in my business. To lead by example and through imperfection. To be brutally honest as I share my story and knowledge. #painfullyhonest

I love the idea of being "as well" as I can by making better choices each day. My goal is to help amazing women in their 30's who struggle with feeling a wee' bit crazy around the whole "being healthy / weight loss" thing and want to live more. Kissing self-sabotage goodbye. They have bigger goals than dropping the number on the scale. 

This clarity has come from seeing that really we don't want to lose weight, we just want to be happy and we think that it will come after we change our outsides.

It's our insides ( our brains ) that need to change. Your perspective specifically. And to me, happiness comes from LIVING a more fulfilled life.

Yes, nourishing our bodies is hella important. But obsessing about the food and depriving yourself is a symptom of lack of control elsewhere in your life.

Yes, moving our bodies is one of the keys to changing our insides.

And, yes, weight loss will come when we stop self-sabotaging the shit out of our lives so we can live more.

No fun in life = sitting on the couch binge eating a bag of popcorn twists watching NetFlix (speaking from experience).

This business has been a crazy adventure so far. It's been over 3 years since I started it. It's also a great way to grow as all of my insecurities have shown up at some point or another. Each day I am challenged to show up and do my best. 

What would living a more fulfilled life mean to you ? What is currently holding you back ? Comment below !

In light of my shift and want to help you move forward for more FUN and health, make sure you take advantage of my In Recovery Sessions. 

It's a great way to get FREE coaching and see if working together is the right thing for you. You will leave our time together with a mini action plan.