Break Complacency With Lauren Hope Cleveland

life coach and speaker brand design

Lauren is a Transformational life coach, a speaker, a Transformation Weekend Master Trainer, an Achievement Club leader, a mama & wife, and a lover of all things that make life fun, adventurous and exciting.

You can find her @breakcomplacency on Instagram!

She had an existing logo and brand that she had fallen out of love with. Lauren booked my Mini Brand Package where we worked together to create new branding that represented the new direction - Break Complacency was taking.

  • Custom Mood board

  • Custom Logos

  • Custom Graphic Element (Ferns)

  • Brand Color Palette

  • Font Pairings

  • Hanging Sign Design

  • Keynote Template Design

  • Business card design

life coach mood board
logo on a mug
business card design for life coach and speaker