Thriving The Holidays Series : Down Time Is Required

down time

If your holidays are anything like mine, they are full of family gatherings, soccer games, working extra shifts ( as a massage therapist ) and trying to get all my own stuff handled.

Places to be and people to see. Too many days like that and I get burnt out real fast.

Today's post is to remind you the importance of planning down time over the next week so that you can avoid / try to prevent crying fits, emotional outbursts and grabbing all the candy canes off the tree only to hide in the closet and make them disappear.


I want you to check in with yourself right now as you read this.

How are you really feeling ?

Are there events coming up that you really don't want to go to or you already know they will exhaust you ?

Why are you going ?

What would happen or change if you didn't go ?


I ask these questions because I caught myself in this trap last week. I felt like I had to go to a certain event and all I could think about was how much I really didn't want to go.

I was drained. Over tired and definitely not in the christmas spirit. Feeling like the Grinch.

So Instead of forcing myself to go, I simply let everyone know that I wouldn't be going to the party because I was feeling "under the weather". It felt so good to do that for myself.

That evening instead of going, I spent my evening resting and enjoying quality down time by myself. I took an epsom salt bath. Juiced some beets, carrots, ginger and apples. I even caught Elf playing on tv. I love that movie!

It was exactly what I needed.

So, before you go and say yes to yet another holiday party or event, please consider if you really want to go.

You don't have to say yes to everything. You may even need to learn how to say no.

Don't forget about giving back to yourself this holiday season. Give yourself down time before your body takes it (with a cold ).

What would you do with down time over the holidays ? Share in the comments below.