Thriving The Holidays Series : Easy Pesto Zoodles & Red Pepper Recipe To Help You Balance Your Eating

Over the holidays, there are so many delicious and incredibly unhealthy foods avaliable to us.

Sugar cookies, marshmallow rolls, candy canes, hot chocolate, egg nog lattes, stuffing, chocolates from our calendars. Then add in the treats at the office.

Oh man. It gets out of control !!

So to balance out your eating this holiday season, I'm sharing my favorite recipes. All are full of nutrients. All are really fast (because even I get lazy ) and really easy (my kitchen skills aren't stellar ).

Holiday Tip:
Focus on eating an extra serving of vegetables at every meal. Believe me you will need the vitamins and the fiber.


Easy Pesto Zoodles & Red Pepper

easy pesto zoodles

1 - medium zucchini
1 tbsp - pesto
1/2 - chopped red pepper
1 tbsp - coconut oil
Salt & pepper to taste

First step, wash your zucchini and red pepper. ( Here's how you can do it with apple cider vinegar )

Next, grab your spiralizer ( or a peeler will work just fine ) and grate your zucchini. You will be surprised at the volume of noodles from just one zucchini. And also, chop up the red pepper into smaller pieces.

Warm your pan and add the coconut oil. Medium heat worked just fine.

Add in the tbsp of pesto. Toss the noodles.

Cook the zoodles / peppers until they are slightly softened.

Plate it up. Enjoy !

Have you made this yet ? What did you think ?