Thriving The Holidays Series : My Top 10 Holiday Self Care Tips

holiday selfcare tips

This week has been for last minute Christmas shopping, diy'ing gifts, baking cookies and eating them. I'm keeping this post sweet and simple.

Here are my top 10 holiday self care tips to help you thrive the holiday season.

1. Focus on one thing at a time. 

2. Schedule activities that make you happy, feel creative and present in your body

3. Try to eat foods that give you more energy. Focus on adding them in instead of trying to overhaul your eating. Deprivation will make you crazy this time of year.

4. Get support. Ask for help if you need it. Or get the support from a coach who is as deticated to your success as you are. Get your free consult here.

5. Move your body. This is great for burning off those extra calories and any anxious energy. 

6. Downtime is essential. Have you tried meditating?  Spend 15 minutes a day in a quiet space and just focus on you. 

7. Quit comparing. Christmas always brings this out. 

8. Spend quality time instead of quantity time.  

9. Be grateful and write that shit down. 

10. Be kind to less fortunate people. A little smile could go a long way this time of year.

Wishing you the best of Christmas celebrations !