Tools I'm currently using in my business

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I originally started with Wix. Then I switched to Wordpress because I thought that I wasn’t a serious business unless everything was customized. I wasted SO MUCH friggin’ time updating and changing themes.

Switching to Squarespace was by far the best decision I have made to date.

It’s affordable and their costs are transparent. Their customer support is epic! It’s so easy to use. You don’t have to learn to code to get a beautiful end result. It has so many wonderful integrations, really turning it into an all-in-one platform.


Email marketing can easily feel like a GIANT uphill battle. Especially when you throw in being “GDPR Compliant” , double opt-in’s, etc.

It plays nice with Squarespace’s features and really streamlines email integration.

I have tried Convert Kit and currently I don’t feel like I need to pay for all their extras. For now, I’m dating Mailchimp.


When you get the Squarespace Business or Commerce plan, Acuity’s “Emerging Entrepreneur” plan is totally free !

It integrates easily and makes sharing your appointment calendar a peice of cake !


I use Canva for creating beautiful background images, social media banners and small graphic images on the websites I create.

I have used the “for work” option and really liked the ability to have transparent backgrounds.

Basic Canva is free.

Google Suite

It’s another all-in-one full of apps that are meant to streamline your business (neah- life).

Kinsta does a pretty great job of detailing why it’s so great. Read it over here.

Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator

These are definitely an investment of money and time but they make doing the design work so much easier. The quality of my work has improved 10 fold.