Tools I'm currently using in my business

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I originally started with Wix. Then I switched to Wordpress because I thought that I wasn’t a serious business unless everything was customized. I wasted SO MUCH friggin’ time updating and changing themes.

Switching to Squarespace was by far the best decision I have made to date.

It’s affordable and their costs are transparent. Their customer support is epic! It’s so easy to use. You don’t have to learn to code to get a beautiful end result. It has so many wonderful integrations, really turning it into an all-in-one platform.

It’s got a ton of great integrations like Mailchimp, Acuity, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

Another reason I love Squarespace is that they have a community for their web designers called Squarespace Circle (which I am a part of). When you hire me to design your website for you, I can get you 20% off your first annual payment. I don’t earn anything for you subscribing with them, it’s just a really great content platform that has save me so many headaches in my business(es).


Email marketing can easily feel like a GIANT uphill battle. Especially when you throw in being “GDPR Compliant” , double opt-in’s, etc.

It plays nice with Squarespace’s features and really streamlines email integration.

I have tried Convert Kit and currently I don’t feel like I need to pay for all their extras. For now, I’m dating Mailchimp.


When you get the Squarespace Business or Commerce plan, Acuity’s “Emerging Entrepreneur” plan is totally free !

It integrates easily and makes sharing your appointment calendar a peice of cake !

It easily embeds into your site and has options to open it as a pop-up form from clicking a button.


I use Canva for creating beautiful background images, social media banners and small graphic images on the websites I create.

I have used the “for work” option and really liked the ability to have transparent backgrounds.

Basic Canva is free.

When I’ve been hired to create social media graphics, I create the template in Canva and then can share it with you. So that you are able to edit it for future graphics. How cool is that?!

Google Suite

It’s another all-in-one full of apps that are meant to streamline your business (neah- life).

Kinsta does a pretty great job of detailing why it’s so great. Read it over here.

Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator

These are definitely an investment of money and time but they make doing the design work so much easier. The quality of my work has improved 10 fold.


My newest love. With the rapid growth of my business, I needed a way to keep all my contract, proposals, invoices, calendars and clients IN ONE PLACE. I use Dubsado to streamline my workflow. It’s got wicked automation built in. I can see my projects at a glance. Share files to my clients and keep it all IN ONE PLACE.

It has a client portal where my clients can see all of our files at glance. I love, love, love it.


What are your most favorite tools for operating your business ?