Use change to your advantage and move forward.

I used to hate change. Like seriously, HATE IT. It made me feel out of control and grasp even harder to keep things the way they were.

When it came to losing weight and feeling differently about my body, that was another story. I remember constantly saying "I need to change. I need to be more consistent. I gotta get my shit together". 

Although I really, really wanted to change as soon as I started to feel differently I would self-sabotage.  I would start to feel good, full of energy and confidence was building then BAM insert a picture of me sitting in a cafe eating a muffin almost whole as if I was a snake swallowing its prey. 

Self-sabotage is normal and very common. 

You know why it happens ? 

Because you feel different and good and that feels ... uncomfortable and unsafe.

If you are always used to feeling like shit about yourself, the moment you feel anything but that, your brain tells you that you are in danger and need to get back to where you were.

That's messed up, right ?

So, let's learn how to use change to your advantage and start moving forward.

Ask yourself the following questions or download your free worksheet below.

1. What can this change teach you ?

2. What next step can you take to stay true to your unique wants/ needs, based on what you’ve learned so far ?

3. If you take action now, where do you see yourself in:
a) 3 months b) 6 months c) 1 year d) 5 years:

4. What will happen if you don’t go through with this change ?

5. Why is this happening for you ? What can you learn from it ? ( “For” rather than “to” - which is the victim mentality. 

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