What pisses me off as a "health coach".

I'm going to go on a mini rant.

Our world is totally fucked up. 

Our perception of our world is totally fucked up.

How we view and treat our bodies is sad.

When I first became I health coach, I was focused on helping women get their eating habits on track so they could lose weight. Supporting them in taking control of their health so they could have more energy to live their lives.

And lose weight, they did.


They were still stuck in their past. 

Trying to change it.

We cannot change the past. We can change the way you think about our past.

But we have to want to think differently.

As a health coach, I see women who feel like they want to lose 10, 20, 30, 40 lbs and then they will be happy. 


We've been through shit like

... being bullied as a child
... complicated and / or abusive relationships
... mama drama
... daddy issues
... body image and low self esteem
... depression / anxiety
... divorce
... lack of confidence
... bad relationships

We are always waiting for (insert generic goal)  to happen before we can be happy.

Always waiting for it.

And disappointed when it doesn't ever come.


what pisses me off as a health coach

What pisses me off as a "health coach" is:

>> women come to me and think that fixing their eating can fix it all. (Usually they are frustrated as hell and having control issues )

>> women come to me and believe that if they exercise enough they will be happy when ...

>> media tells us that being skinny is what health looks like. (You can be skinny and have poor digestion + only eat mr. noodles )

>> my title leads women to think that I just work on helping women lose weight. ( I help them get real with where they are holding themselves back and move through so that they can achieve their goals which could be weight loss, more confidence, speaking up for themselves etc)

>> no one (that I've seen) puts enough emphasis on the mindset bit of health. (Far too much on the doing and not enough just being ).

>> so many coaches are teaching people that cleanses and detoxes are the ONLY way. (seasonally is appropriate but not monthly )

>> no one is talking about the real shit that keeps us small and scared. The real reasons we don't stick with paleo, low carb, or simply doing whatever it is we need to do to more forward because sometimes taking care of ourselves means letting down someone.

>> so many coaches are painting a perfect picture of what it should look like, not what it really looks like. (Not every day is perfect. Not even part of every day is perfect. It's dirty and messy and painful to work through your shit.)

>> magazines and media pray on our biggest insecurities to sell us a lot of shit we don't actually need. (Think garcinia cambogia for weight loss )


What pisses you off about getting healthy ? Share in the comments.