You don't need another diet, you need to change your habits.

With media and celebrities making weight loss look easy, how can we feel like anything but a failure. They show before and after pictures without any of the dirty, grimy and gross pictures of them on the treadmill for 4 hours a day. Food that is prepared for them because they are so busy. The team of 10 people that helped them get their post baby body back.

How the hell is that inspirational ?

For us semi-normal and busy, functional adults it's not realistic. Unless you also have a billion dollars to invest in yourself so that you can drop the 20lbs that crept up on over the past year.

We have to really work at it.

No, like really, bust your ass.

Blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears ).

We have researched and curated an encyclopedia's worth of information on how to eat healthy, how to exercise, how to love your body, etc. 

We know.


The thing is unless we change how we having been trying can we actually succeed.

We need change. BIG CHANGE.

I'm not telling you that you need to change who you are and what you believe in. I would never do that. (And since we haven't met,) I bet you're pretty fucking awesome as you are now, you just want to stop hiding your body and feeling like getting off the couch is death ).

So how do we get BIG CHANGE ?

We change our behavior.

We shift our perspective on our dreams of a sculpted body, glowing skin and energy that doesn't quit. 

We get super fucking clear on why we want what we want and what feeling we are really craving ?

We examine self defeating habits, negative mindset challenges and unprogram the shit out your past. 

So my dear, you don't need another diet. You need to change your habit. 

Do you feel like you could use serious support in this area ?

I offer you a totally-free, no-strings attached Digging Deeper Strategy Session. 45 Minutes for us to get more acquainted and assess where you are at in your journey. You will leave this session with 2 clear action steps so that you can gain instant progress in your health goals.

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