It’s time to get a website that you love & one that has your potential clients begging to hire you.


Your business is taking off & potential clients are ready for your next step.

But, every.damn.time. you think about sending them to your website, you cringe.

Your current website isn’t a good fit anymore.

It’s gotten as complicated as your first university relationship (you know the one).


Hi, I’m Amanda.

I design, build and brand Squarespace websites for coaches, consultants and professionals. My process is collaboration & strategy meets training.

Together, we will build your website into a client converting platform. You will know how to use it like a pro when we are done.


 Freshly Launched

(This could be you)


My most popular package includes …

  • Customized Squarespace Template.

  • Starting fully styled & customized pages.

  • Mobile Optimized.

  • Collaboration, Coaching & Support in writing your page content.

  • Content Planner to help you write your content.

  • Basic SEO & Business Detail Set Up.

  • Social Feed Integrations

  • Customized Virtual Training videos on how to use your new site to its full potential.

  • Unlimited support during the scheduled project timeline and two weeks post project. Plus check ins at one month, three months and 6 months post project.

  • Three week turnaround time (lightening fast!)

  • Branded Styling, Text Based Logo & Graphics Design as it relates to your new, kick-ass website.

  • 1 x 60 Minute Brand Strategy Session

  • 1 x 60 Minute Content Strategy Session

  • 1 x 30 Minute Office Hours Call

  • 1 x 60 Minute Feedback & Training Call 

  • Unlimited email support during our project between calls.

  • Social Media Mini Launch Kit to build excitement for your new site.


Also, I’m part of a wonderful group that supports me in making sure I have the best knowledge & resources to build awesome websites.


So, you wanna learn more?

Get my Service & Pricing guide


What’s the process like?

I love steps & being super organized so this is what you can expect when we work together on your website.


01. Connection & consult.

You downloaded and explored my Service & Pricing guide (see the bottom of this page) → booked a free Discovery call → we met via Zoom and hit it off. Talked all about how you were ready to get your own strategic website and attract more ideal clients.



02. Proposal & reserve your spot.

When you are ready to move forward, I will send you my proposal + contract + invoice for the 50% deposit. You will sign the contract and pay online. Once your deposit has been processed, we will book your start date / end date in my calendar. Then I will activate your client portal, my project management software and send along access to my Welcome Package with your content planners + details. You can get started on prepping right away.


squarespacewebsitestrategyand content support.png

03. Content prep & collect.

Inside of the client portal, all of our files including detailed instructions on how to prepare your content (images, web copy, logos), a link to book your Website & Content Strategy Session, a link to our shared Google Drive Project folder. Before we even start the designing, I will be collaborating with you to make sure you’ve got content that will have your ideal clients banging down your door to pay you.



04. Build & refine, repeat.

I start with building your homepage. Then we will create a plan from there for the look & feel. We will schedule office hours calls during this week so that we can make sure that we are on the same page before we move any further. After we have finalized the homepage, I will build the rest of your pages and submit them to you for feedback.


launch party.png

05. Wrap Up, training & then launch time🚀

Your site is built, looking awesome and you are in love. I let you loose to explore. I will spend an hour training you live on your site and ensuring that you feel confident. I will create a social media launch kit of Canva templates and posts that you can share right away to build excitement.


Got Questions?

These are my most frequently asked. 


I’ve been around the block with Wordpress, Wix, Weebly and finally landed on Squarespace. It is by far the most user friendly and affordable platform that I’ve found to date. It’s a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) builder. They are constantly updating and improving. They take care of the security and you won’t have to deal with plugins or code. Also, if you ever run into a problem their support is super fast!


No, it is not. You can learn more about their pricing and plans over here. A bonus of hiring me is that I when you pay upfront for your first year of your plan, I can save you 20%! Pretty awesome, right?


You get a free custom domain when you pay upfront for the first year of you plan. Or you can check out Google Domains or any other option.


Yes, I will need your user details to redirect it to your new website.


If you are booking this package, you are one of two people, you have a logo and a few colors picked already or you have nothing.

If you already have a logo, a brand style guide and a color palette, great.

If you have literally nothing, I offer my basic brand package with the website. We will use a text based logo by setting the fonts on your site and based on your strategy we can create a basic 3 color palette.

If you want an actual logo file and full brand, I can help with that too. You save 40% off when you book that and a website. My full brand package is $1700 outside of a website. With a website it's $1200.


I book each website as a 3 week block with a padding week at the end.

The first week is to create your content, pull together your images/inspiration and prep your content. We will do our first stategy call this week.

The second week I spend designing, revising and collaborating with you. We will get on a call to review what I’ve built so far and create a ongoing plan for the rest of the pages. I'll also get you to sign up for you plan this week to connect integrations and build the user experience.

The third week is your Training & Launch week. I will create custom user videos showing how to use your site. And we will hop on one final call for feedback and any specific training you still feel you need.

If you add branding, tack on 3 weeks to the beginning of our project.


To book your spot in my calendar, you will pay a 50% deposit upfront.I am firm that your project isn't booked until you have paid your deposit. I work with a limited number of projects per year and need to know my availability.

The rest of your remaining invoice is due at the end of the project three weeks later. I work with timelines and payment due dates. I like to stick to a schedule. It will be outlined in our contract. I accept credit cards through Paypal and email money transfers.

+ Any other questions?

Download my Services & Pricing guide, book your totally free Discovery Call and ask away!


 Are you ready to get a website that you love & one that has your clients begging to pay you?