Strategy-based web design for solopreneurs ready to level up.


You know your website needs some serious life support.

You’ve been in business for a few years and you’ve gotten this far bootstrapping your biz.

You are scrappy and you made it work.

But it’s time for an upgrade for both you and your clients.



You’d love your website to …

  • Instantly create a connection and build trust with your clients so that they book a consult.

  • Help you gain more time (because you aren’t screwing around with it and can work more efficiently).

  • Earn more income because what you have to offer is clear.

  • Give your customers a clear path to hiring you for your services and purchase your products.

  • Make you stand out from the rest of the solopreneurs in your industry.


I’m here to help you check all of the above off your list.✓

This is exactly what I do.

Your business is growing daily but you’d like to tick having a website that works off of your to-do list.

The money is coming in but you feel clueless when it comes to turning your site in the powerful tool it can be.

Let me help you work smarter, not harder. Your website can help you connect and sell more propelling your business forward.

It’s my jam!


social media graphic design websites.jpeg

 I truly believe …

  • When you are clear on exactly what you have to offer and who it is for, it makes it easy to build trust with your audience. Your unique why helps you to stand out in the crowd.

  • Your website can be the hardest working tool in your business. It can direct your clients, streamline your workflow, and showcase your talents (while you sleep).

  • Focusing on creating a pretty website with all the bells and whistles won’t help you meet your business goals. It will distract and frustrate your visitors. Sticking with a thoughtfully and simply designed website will show your clients that you are the expert.


So, how do we pull this off?


Strategy Session

We begin with digging deeper into the core values of you and your business. Assessing what stage you are at and where you are going to go. We will get clear on exactly what you have to offer, who it’s for and translate that into your messaging.


Content Prep & Collect

I will help you pull together your content. We will look at what you have and I’ll make recommendations on what you will need. Together, we will be mindful of your direction and mission to create a unique experience for your audience.


One-to-one Design Slot

I will pull together your web copy, images and strategy to build your new Squarespace website in two weeks. This is possible by my one-to-one design slots. You are my only focus during this time.


The Live Edit

To keep our time together efficient, we will meet by video call to go through your new website and make the final revisions. Time is money and you’ve got a business to run, so this saves your inbox from the back and forth.


Training & Launch

On the last day of our project, I’ll spend 60 minutes with you training you on how to use your new website. Then it’s time to celebrate and share with your audience.


Follow up support

After your new website is live, you have two weeks of complimentary email support. This is to ensure that we can cover anything that didn’t come up during training.

When we are done, you will have ..

  • A stunning website that clearly speaks to your clients and has them booking your services with ease.

  • Clarity around exactly what you bring to the “table”.

  • A platform for growth that you are trained to use.

  • More time and excitement for your business allowing you to earn more.


Starting at $2300 CAD

 Freshly Launched

(This could be you)

Got Questions?

These are my most frequently asked. 

+ But why Squarespace? Do you design on any other platform?

I’ve been around the block with Wordpress, Wix, Weebly and finally landed on Squarespace. It is by far the most user friendly and affordable platform that I’ve found to date. It’s a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) builder. They are constantly updating and improving. They take care of the security and you won’t have to deal with plugins or code. Also, if you ever run into a problem their support is super fast!

+ Is my Squarespace plan included in the cost?

No, it is not. You can learn more about their pricing and plans over on . A bonus of hiring me is that I when you pay upfront for your first year of your new plan, I can save you 20%! Pretty awesome, right?

+ Help, I need a domain.

You get a free custom domain when you pay upfront for the first year of you plan. The trick is to sign up for your plan and then secure your new domain name. Or you can check out Google Domains or any other option.

+ I've already got a domain, can we use it?

Yes, I will need your user details to redirect it to your new website.

+ Is a logo and branding included?

It really depends on your needs and budget. I've got different options for every budget. Make sure you download my Services & pricing guide for my up to date pricing.

+ So, how long will it take?

I book each Custom website project as a 2 week block with a padding week at the end. I design your website in exactly 10 business days.

Please be mindful of how much time you will need to prep your content prior to our project. As soon as you secure your spot with a deposit, I will send over the my online scheduler to book our Strategy call and my welcome package.

If you add branding, there will be additional time added to the beginning of our project.

+ What about payments?

To book your spot in my calendar, you will pay a 50% deposit upfront.I am firm that your project isn't booked until you have paid your deposit. I work with a limited number of projects per year and need to know my availability.

The rest of your remaining invoice is due on the last day of the project. I work with timelines and payment due dates. I like to stick to a schedule. It will be outlined in our contract. I accept credit cards through Paypal and email money transfers. Your payment dates are fixed and not based on project milestons (or whatever that means). If your payment is late by more than 2 days, your project will remain unlaunched until you are paid in full.

+ Any other questions?

Download my Services & Pricing guide, book your totally free Discovery Call and ask away! ↓

 Ready for a stunning & strategic website that will convert & connect?