Wellness & movement for mamas

BECAUSE in this season, less is more.


You are on a new mission now.

Keep the tiny humans alive and happy.

Priorities have changed and you are noticing that your needs are falling to the back burner.

It's okay!

Im here to hold your hand.

Because a well mama is a happy mama.


mama health coach

I've got you, mama

Before having my daughter, I was loving my life and extremely active. I felt confident about my ability to take great care of myself, eat healthfully and put my needs first.

After Baby H, it was an uphill battle with my health. Pair that with being a new mom and learning to put her needs first. I was in shock. 

Looking back, I am so totally amazed at what my body is capable of and who I have become as a person as a result of this big adventure called motherhood.

I quickly learned that being a mama isn't about being perfect. It's about doing your best with what you've got and being present for the little bundle of joy.

I believe that to thrive in motherhood, that there are a few key ideas to grasp:

  • Focus on eating for joy and nourishment.
  • Move in a way that lights you up instead of burning you out.
  • Build your own village of support because we can't do this alone.

I'm not here to "help you get your old body back" or "put you on a meal plan".

I'm here to help you use what you've got already and put it into daily practice.



Let's connect.

If anything I've said above intrigues you, feel free to send me a message below. We can set up a time to talk more about where you are at and how I can help. 

I will be accepting clients in May 2018. 


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