Real results from real women.

Because what I do is very personal and confidential, my rebels names will always be top secret unless they demand that I use their full name ... just so you know.

When signing up to work with Amanda, my goals were to feel better about myself (inside & out), increase my energy and with support, figure out who I really am despite the self-doubt and insecurity I was experiencing at the time. Amanda helped me understand my hesitations / nervousness was coming from, kept me inspired on a regular basis and was authentic. I always knew that when I asked her a question, I got a real answer and my answer.

The absolute biggest change I’ve noticed during my time working with her was that I’m fitting back into dresses from last year. It’s so nice to know that I’ve lost weight instead of gaining more. Also, my confidence is up. I am clearer on who I am and proud of it. I’m not okay with being invisible anymore.

I would describe Amanda as, a good friend. Over our time together, I have grown to trust her and have told her things that I might not have told someone else. I felt comfortable in our relationship and that she was ready to listen to me - and really focus on what I was saying in order to proceed with the next step. I would recommend Amanda to anyone who feels invisible when they don’t want to be. Anyone who feels trapped in dark clouds and is craving a way out. Amanda really changed my life and I would recommend her to anyone who feels the way I did.

She was always was flexible, knowledgeable, accommodating and quick to find changes in you that you didn’t even realize. “
— E.W.
I found our sessions enlightening and empowering. Thank you for the time you invested in my wellbeing. As a new mom developing my own business your perceptive questions were key to moving me past my own blocks and awakening my inner wisdom. I think Coaching with The Rebel Health Coach is essential for ladies that want to figure out how self-love can elevate their lives to one filled with pleasure and fulfilment.
— Jessica A, Saudi Arabia
She’s such a great and easy personality to work with, lots of fun, and made me realize that I have a deeper issue that I can now work towards step by step to achieve my desired goals! Thank you so much for your sweetness, honesty, and your wisdom!!
— N. L.
Amanda quickly helped me identify an easy action step I could do - one that would make the biggest impact on my daily energy level. She encouraged me to add it to my calendar as daily reminders, and to include the ‘why” of how this step will help me. This one little addition of the “why” helped a lot. Instead of seeing another to-do pop up, it’s a reminder of why I want to be doing it which has made it easier for me to commit to doing it.
— E.K.
I would like to lose weight and have more energy, so I sought out Amanda’s support. Through our time together, I realized that my weight is a symptom of an overwhelming journey through grief. I probably won’t be able to release the weight until I release the emotions, and no amount of ‘work’ or ‘dedication’ will change that. Amanda has helped me through this journey by keeping me focused on the great things that ARE available to me, so I feel some sort of control and hope as I wade through the dark waters of grief. She makes me feel heard and supported and I know when the time is right, the health will come. I’m grateful that she has helped me to realize that some times in our lives its ok to be ‘unhealthy’, and sometimes comfort food should be used for comforting and I can leave the guilt, self-loathing and regret out of it for now.
— S.W.
We have all spent time doing things for “everyone else”. It is time to do something for yourself, to spend some money on something completely worth while! Its not that Amanda told me all kinds of things I didn’t know but she did tell me it is ok to feel how I was feeling and it was ok to think of myself first.

Thank you for your help and letting me just share everything that was dragging me down. Letting me just talk it through and give your perspective or share ways to handle situations I have to deal with in my life. You have given me hope that I can lose the weight, be comfortable in my own skin and just be healthy and happy. Thank you so much for throwing me the life preserver I needed.
— A.V.
Amanda, you are awesome! I have struggled with self esteem and body image since I can remember. I too was bullied at an early age and struggled with being accepted by my peers. I have been to many counselors who helped me deal with the past, but never gave me guidance on how to change the present and the future. Amanda, you gave me this opportunity. You guided me through a beautiful experience of self awareness and self love. I can truly say that with using self affirmations and positive thinking, I am becoming more and more myself and loving who that person is more and more everyday. I now know the importance of giving yourself time to take care of yourself, to truly appreciate what makes you an individual and what is actually a priority in your life. I recommend the Intensive Care program to anyone whether they need guidance with self-love, prioritizing their busy lives, giving themselves time for self care, or if they just need to know that every woman is beautiful and unique in their own way.
— W.M.