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web + brand design


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i work with super-talented new solopreneurs (ahem, that’s you!) to create a beautiful brand + an easy to use squarespace website.


Let’s get started.


Let me help you get online + looking legit with my Launch + Grow Squarespace Design.

Need a logo or branding ? I do that too!

Trying to do this solopreneur shiz can make your head hurt. That’s why I’m all about simplifying. Check out my tutorials to make this stuff easy like Sunday morning.


if i can do it, so can you!

I’m a coffee + dog loving mama/ wife who may have a slight addiction to Spotify. I started off in wellness and saw how many of my business buddies where losing their shit trying to make their website work. Overwhelmed by the tech and trying to diy their design left them feeling uninspired.

I love to create and teach women solopreneurs how to get a handle on all things design in the beginning of their business. I help get you started with my Mini Brand Services and Launch + Grow Squarespace websites.


What my clients are saying …

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Wish someone would just tell you where to start ?!

That’s why I have a tutorials page !