Are you ready to lose the STRUGGLE for good ?

I'm serious. Enough with dieting and crazy military style plans that leave you feeling like a psycho.

Enough with putting yourself on a "wagon" only to fall off 3 days later.

Enough with not being able to have a glass of wine or a cookie when you want.

Enough with feeling so trapped in your body that you have forgotten how to live.

You've forgotten how to have fun and are ready to get back to feeling more like the real you. (Not the sad, frustrated and frumpy version that is reading this right now). 

It can be done.

I've been there and I'm calling B.S. on the all or nothing lifestyle that's associated with losing the excess weight, learning to live your life in a healthy and fulfilling way. I found the way to make the weight stay off and still live my life. 

( Here's a secret ... there is no miracle formula that will give you the quick fix you are looking for.
Well, not without seriously harming your body .)

Hey, I'm Amanda.


You know why ?

Because I did it. I've kept it all off. 

I work with super smart and successful women to stop the weight loss struggle and lose the weight for good. I help them find a customized system that suits their unique needs for their bodies, lives and souls. 

By combining healthy eating, movement, and having way more fun you too, can lose it !

I promise xx.

You’ve been around the diet block way too many times.

You don’t want to see another shake, meal replacement or diet pill. 

Let me tell you,

It’s Ok to want to lose some weight and learn to love your body. But you know what you’ve also gonna discover?

It’s not about the weight

It’s about loving yourself so much you will go to the wall for YOU. You won’t put up with being shitty to yourself anymore and the weight is just a side effect OF THAT THINKING.


You’re so much more than your weight.

And you can love yourself and your body - AND it can be easy, freeing and it will feel GREAT.


The biggest thing? You have the chance to NOT BE STUCK BEHIND THE WEIGHT ANYMORE


You get the chance to:

  • Take back your time from obsessing about not doing all the things ( what you’re going to eat, when you’re going to exercise, when you’re gonna meal prep - urgh!)

  • Start living the way you want now (not when you can fit into those size 8 skinnies)

  • You can think about things that actually interest you (instead of counting calories or worrying if anyone’s seen you eat that pastry)


And you can forget about fixing yourself all the time - because guess what? You were never broken.


Ready to get started?